3 Reasons Why Squarespace Deserves to be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

By amanda Disilvestro on August 11, 2016

WordPress is wonderful; don’t get us wrong. But for some businesses and for some people, WordPress doesn’t quite meet the mark. Whether it be from a design standpoint, usability, power,...

10 Ways to Alter Your User Experience Strategy from

By amanda Disilvestro on August 3, 2016 has launched an incredible research project on user experience and has developed 75 “good ideas” that produce amazing results when it comes to improving your online strategy. All the...

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Tips for SEO Success: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

By Michael Mora on July 30, 2016

To maximize options for your business, these simple tips for SEO success will provide strategies that need to be implemented now. These provide a long-term frame work that every competitive...

The Miami SEO Company has Content Writing Positions Available.

By Amy Rodriguez on July 28, 2016

Looking for part time or full time work from home position? The Miami SEO Company has positions available for remote content writers. There are many benefits to being a content...

Google Analytics is Now Secure: What You Need to Know

By amanda Disilvestro on July 27, 2016

Google Analytics made some updates earlier this year in April 2016 that encrypts and protects all clients and webpages regardless if they are HTTPS or not. In an email to...

5 Things You Need to Know about Google’s New Local Search Ads

By amanda Disilvestro on July 19, 2016

Google is making important changes to what viewers can see when they conduct local searches. Google is describing this as “the next generation” of local search ads, which is actually...

3 Tips for Using the New “Think With Google”

By amanda Disilvestro on July 14, 2016

As a part of their new platform, Think With Google offers free testing to see how mobile-friendly your website is—something that has become a quintessential part of the Google platform...

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Understanding User Behavior for Keyword Performance

By Michael Mora on July 11, 2016

One of the best practices for ecommerce search engine optimization (SEO) is to consider the intention of users behavior based on their previous search queries, because it has a direct...

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4 Strategies That Lead to Success in SMS Marketing

By Jason Hawkins on July 6, 2016

Think about how important the role of your cell phone is in your day-to-day life. Do you ever leave home without it? Do you turn to your phone as often...

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5 Things You Need to Know about Google’s New AdWords Interface

By Sergio Aicardi on June 22, 2016

Google has just rolled out their new AdWords interface, and for those looking to improve their online presence, it’s a big deal. Every year Google does their best to update...