Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development. Done Right.

care-pinMobile App Development requests are getting more and more popular. We proudly work on both major platforms of iOS and Android applications. We are usually asked if we had to recommend only one, which would it be? The honest answer is you should set aside the capital to launch the mobile app on both iOS & the Android application.

Various client-side development tools are utilized such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, as well as server-side programming to complement mobile application development. PHP and MySQL play a critical role in Mobile App Development. Having a team that understands how to “code clean” is critical.

Pictured on the left is CarePin’s app on an iOS device.

The Pitfalls of Mobile App Development

Perhaps you have tried to use other companies in the past but were disappointed with bad UX (User Experience), poor code, consistent glitches and/or bugs, etc. This can be a very frustrating experience, especially when you have deadlines to meet.

A bad app is typically caused by poor code which leads to an unstable mobile app. Today’s user demands bug-free apps which perform as they are advertised. You only have one chance to impress the users. If not, your app will be deleted as there are typically many other apps which can perform the same exact function.

Even if you have a unique idea for your app as it relates to your business, having a poorly designed app will quickly deteriorate your brand image to that user should the app not work as it is intended to.

Being enticed to proceed with a low priced mobile app development firm is a recipe for disaster. Quality mobile app development companies typically have a waiting list or a backlog of projects. Be wary of a company that can begin immediately with your app and has very low prices. The chances of a high-quality dev being assigned to your project are relatively low.

Application Workflow that is Customized

Have you ever said to yourself, I want my users to have a rich experience? Well, that is our goal. That is what we envision on all projects we accept. This rich experience is nearly impossible to achieve with a template based app.

Did you know some companies will use templates for your app? That’s right. Nearly every single app that is high quality has custom written code. Our team has developed full cloud platforms that allow for the creation of user accounts, logging custom data points, processing of forms, API’s and so much more.

Secured Servers are Critical.

Security breaches are occurring on a daily basis around the world. Depending on the data housed in the app, you want to ensure top security. Our lead developer is extremely passionate about security and takes security very seriously.

If you intend on hosting secure data with your application do not trust your companies image to an entry-level dev. team.

The Bad – There is Usually a Waiting List…

Quality is the name of our game. We aren’t afraid to turn down money and this is one of the reasons there is usually a waiting list. We’ve worked with our main developer for over 5 years now and have a fantastic relationship. The work speaks for itself and we would never attempt to scale on someone else’s dime.

For that reason, we only accept select Mobile App Development projects. Feel free to give us a call or fill out our form to get the latest updates on our workload.