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By Jason Hawkins on July 11, 2017

As you may know, our specialty is online marketing  for DME / HME companies. We offer a reporting service that is very transparent that simply shows you the amount of sales and leads you’re getting compared to the amount you spend on advertising. Tracking performance is not only important, it’s critical. In the last couple of years, we started working with clients who own DME/HME companies that repair and sell mobility products ranging from wheelchairs, mobility scooters, lift systems, walkers and more. It’s a great industry with plenty of baby boomers to keep a constant flow of online sales flowing.

The typical audience we’re dealing with as you can imagine is comprised mainly of senior citizens that don’t search for products online the same way younger audiences do. Internet marketing DME/HME products to seniors can be very tricky because you have to really understand the way seniors usmarketing for HME DME providerse the internet to find what they’re looking for. As you can imagine, seniors use the internet in a completely different way than most younger people do. Don’t get me wrong, as the years go on, the older crowd is getting acclimated to using mobile devices and tablets just as much if not more as the younger working crowd but they still use the internet differently. We’ve identified the patterns, spent the time and money perfecting an internet marketing strategy that works for advertising to DME and HME customers that are looking for your products and services.

We did this for a company in South Florida which is one of the toughest and most competitive ares in the country. The company currently has 2 websites, one that is and the other which is The first website is a nationally recognized retail website that offers products for sale online and the second is a local services and repair website that attracts tons of visitors from South Florida looking for repairs and services. After perfecting the marketing strategy we reached out to a few other DME/HME retailers that we met during the 2015 Med Trade Show in Atlanta. It was very surprising to see just how many DME and HME companies out there didn’t have a solid online marketing strategy in place or even a mobile friendly website when we attended Med Trade 2015. We’ve been providing great services to our clients and hope to work with you too.

Internet Marketing DME / HME Results – Show me Them!

If you’re like most business owners, you probably have emails pouring in with solicitation for online marketing so you’re probably asking yourself if this is a legitimate thing or not. As a wise consumer you should always do your research on any company before doing business with them and we encourage you to do your research on us.

The first website we started online marketing in the DME/HME industry was which is a local service and repair website offering services in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding cities for the following products:

  • Mobility Scooters
  • Power Wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter Vehicle Lifts
  • Wheelchair Stair Lifts


If you try to search for these types of services in Fort Lauderdale or surrounding cities, you’ll find Statewide Mobility Ranking in the top position of Google just about every single time. An important factor to consider is that these are not “Paid Ads” aka pay per click advertising. DME companies shown below have strong organic presence aka search engine optimization. Here are some examples.

Local Internet Marketing DME Results:

marketing for medical equipment companies

In the next image, Google recognized my IP location in Fort Lauderdale so when I search for “mobility scooters” the map listings are in the top for both website’s. 


medical equipment company marketing
marketing company that has_experience with HME providers

National Internet Marketing DME Results





Google Analytics Report For Mobility Scooters Direct

This report shows new users and total sessions on the graph and in the table you can see how many visitors each page generated from Google Organic (non- pay-per-click) listings. The dark blue line represents new users on a monthly basis and the light blue line represents the number of conversions (calls, form submissions, sales etc..). Currently the site generates about 25,000 new users each month and that number keeps growing. 



Google Analytics Report For Statewide Mobility

This report shows new users and total sessions on the graph and in the table you can see how many visitors each page generated from Google Organic (non- pay-per-click) listings. 


Google Analytics Report For Affordable Medical USA

This report shows new users and total sessions on the graph and in the table you can see how many visitors each page generated from Google Organic (non- pay-per-click) listings. 

medical equipment marketing specialist

The Proof is in the Pudding

Sure, these DME SEO campaigns sure look wonderful. How does it perform? We don’t just focus on rankings and traffic, we focus on ROI and growing a business. Which is why we have phone call tracking to track phone sales, tracking for online sales to measure revenue from online sales and even systems in place to track emails that are received from Google visitors who fill out the form on your website. Our reports can show you exactly how many sales and opportunities have been generated from all of your online traffic sources. Check out our video demonstration below of how we setup Adwords tracking to measure the ROI of an Adwords campaign. We can do the same for SEO campaigns.

In Summary:

We thank you for taking the time to review our success with internet marketing for the DME / HME industry. We offer market exclusivity so work with us before your competitors do.

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