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SEO for Startups – A Strategy Proven to Get Results

By Jason Hawkins on November 30, 2017

Seeking SEO for startups and a strategy? If so, you are likely not the only one. According to Challenger and Gray, in the last quarter of 2016 more than 7%...

How to Compete with SEO in a Fast Growing City

By Jason Hawkins on November 14, 2017

There are many hot areas in the country right now. Doing search engine optimization or SEO in Greenville, SC can be pretty difficult with all the new businesses popping up....

Make These 5 Simple Changes to Improve Your AdWords CTR Today

By Jason Hawkins on September 13, 2017

So much time and money can be wasted on AdWords if you are not seeing a click through rate (CTR) that is actually leading to conversions. That said, if you...

A New Kind of Data: What You Need to Know about Google Search Console Crawl Stats

By Jason Hawkins on September 5, 2017

It’s all about the stats and measurable data. If we can’t measure performance in a quantifiable way, then it becomes difficult to have benchmarks for success and failure. As a...

4 Ways to Make Six-Second YouTube Bumper Ads Work for You

By Jason Hawkins on August 30, 2017

Companies focus on making their brand recognizable, intriguing, and a notch above their competitors with advertisements telling a story. YouTube’s Bumper Ads are no different, but instead of 15- or...

What Customers Really Want on a Business Website: A Checklist for Your Customer Experience Website Revamp

By Jason Hawkins on August 23, 2017

I have talked to a lot of small business owners recently and over the years who are in the process of either wanting to build a new website for their...

Machine Learning and Google Attribution: What It Means for Marketers and Small Business Owners

By Jason Hawkins on August 15, 2017

Prior to their Google Marketing Next event, Google took to their blog to give users a preview of some of the big changes they’ll be making in the future, and...

5 Reasons to Spend Time & Resources Conducting Market Research (and How to Do It)

By Jason Hawkins on August 7, 2017

Understanding your customers and prospective customers is at the heart of producing products and services that users want to consume. The true difference between brands that excel and produce products...

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Internet Marketing For DME / HME Companies

By Jason Hawkins on July 11, 2017

As you may know, our specialty is online marketing  for DME / HME companies. We offer a reporting service that is very transparent that simply shows you the amount of sales...

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How Many New Blog Posts Should My Blog Have Every Month?

By Jason Hawkins on June 30, 2017

As the owner of a marketing company that offers guest blog posting services, that’s a question that clients and prospects ask me all the time. There is no exact answer...