How to Compete with SEO in a Fast Growing City

By Jason Hawkins on November 14, 2017

There are many hot areas in the country right now. Doing search engine optimization or SEO in Greenville, SC can be pretty difficult with all the new businesses popping up. They understand the value of ranking well on major search engines, especially Google. The reward for outranking competition is serious and can catapult a business from barely surviving to thriving.

A Look at SEO in a Fast Growing City

Greenville, SC is the fourth fastest growing city in America. This listed fact wasn’t created by the state of SC either, it was found to be true by the U.S. Census Bureau.  So how do you compete in a fast growing city like Greenville or any other fast growing city?

The answer is quite simple. Whatever you do, do not take shortcuts. Try not to outsource overseas as this ultimately land you in Google’s “time-out” box. Getting filtered or having a penalty applied to your website is a complete disaster and a nightmare. This can happen for various reasons such as toxic anchor text, copying content, having low quality content, and more.

My partner Sergio Aicardi wrote a fantastic blog post on how to identify if your website is penalized. Feel free to check that out here if you wish to learn more about it.

Actionable Tips to Use for SEO in a Fast Growing City

One thing that is easy for any business owner or marketing manager to do is to constantly blog with high quality, useful content. Even if you do not have a ton of visitors blogging will eventually get you visitors by ranking for long-tail search queries. Sure, its not going to instantly get you to Page One overnight for your toughest of keywords but SEO is a long process. It is a long-term investment.

Unfortunately, blogging isn’t as easy as just writing. You will need to optimize the header tags, image alt tags, include outbound authority links, relevant inner links, and more. Try to use long-tail keywords throughout your article.

If you need immediate exposure, you may be better off investing into Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Another actionable tip to help your Google Map organic performance would be to confirm that all your business listings have the exact same Name, Address, & Phone Number across all directories. If you are a surgeon, be sure to literally have the same punctuation’s in your MD. Google needs consistency, not doing this can cause you to lose the value of some of these links.

In a fast growing area, you will want to take the extra step to ensure you are doing things your competition isn’t. Just like your on-site blogging, you will want to do the same off of your website. This is critical so Google see’s you are offering good, valuable content to a different audience. The more social shares you get on your content whether on or off your website the better quality it likely is.

Sometimes our clients or visitors are busy running the day to day operations of their business and do not have time to write content. If this is the case, we can help you with our optimized content writing services.

If you read something that was highly valuable and your friends or colleagues would benefit from it, you would likely share it. That is the same kind of thought you want to be putting into your content. Google is not a human at the end of the day but its entire algorithm is based on providing its users relevant results.

Put in the Work and The Results Will Come

Use the above tips to start gaining some traction. Continue to follow our blog to gain actionable insights and tips on activities you can be doing to increase your relevance and rankings. Doing SEO in a fast growing city will certainly require consistency of hard work. You cannot expect to do well after putting this ideas into action for a couple of months. Many times, in competitive industries and locations, it can take over a year to truly do well.

Do not let that deter you. The benefits are truly astonishing once you are the #1 player in your industry. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or would like to have us take care of everything for you.

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