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You NEED a Copy Writing Company That Provides High Quality SEO Content!


When it comes to search engine marketing, content is and will always be king. Why? Because the search engines can’t see, taste or smell like humans can. One thing they can do, is analyze web copy (aka content) and recognize how relevant your content might be compared to other websites for any given search query. The problem most business owners have is that they simply cannot produce enough content to keep up with the competition that is paying a copy writing company to increase their search engine presence (and in most cases the competition has been doing it for many years already). When you contract The Miami SEO Company, you will have a small army of web site copy writers who are trained to provide high quality content that is 100% optimized for search engine purposes.

Some of the key features that our content includes are vital to have if you want to out-rank your competitors for coveted keywords. For example, if you were to do a search for “ecommerce seo company” you will find our e-Commerce Marketing page that was written with many key features that are needed to rank number one. The higher the competition, the more high quality content you will need to produce and depending on how long your competitors have been doing SEO for, it can take a lot of content to catch up. We have a system in place that involves a network of stay at home moms, college students, professionals that need side income and really anyone that can pass our training and tests in order to make the cut. We have training courses in place that allow individuals looking for work to stay at home and earn money part time producing content in bulk for our clients. The best thing is that you can communicate with them directly! Give them feedback, and some insights about any changes your business might be going through so that your blog or news section stays up to date with awesome content written by someone who is familiar with your company over time! Don’t let other copy writing companies over charge you, our pricing is fair and our quality is always supreme. Some of the top website copy writing companies out there will charge you up to $150 per page! Our copy writing services start at twenty five dollars a page.

What Does High Quality SEO Content Include?

Instead of asking us what we think and taking our word for it, we encourage you to hear what the head of Google search thinks about content. Matt Cutts, if you don’t already know, is the person who is in charge of the search engine’s spam team over at Google. In summary, his job is to catch spammers who practice unethical (Black Hat) SEO techniques and to get them off of Google’s results so that users have a good user experience when using Google. Matt Cutts loves giving his advice and recommendations on his Youtube channel about who to do SEO the right way, so that web masters start to practice the right type of techniques and to ultimately have better results for search engine users. I encourage you to view the videos on this page to hear what Matt Cutts has to say about content, he has about 5 videos on content alone!

Below you will find a check list of what our high quality content includes. We offer blog posts, landing page content, Ad copy creation for PPC campaigns, business listing descriptions for citations and much much more!

Optimized Title & Descriptions – Your page title is what Google looks at first, so it’s really important to have a relevant title that has a balance of keywords and relevancy. When we write our titles, we always focus on the keywords that are most important for your page to rank for. The same applies for your descriptions. We can use long tail or root keywords, city specific or product intrinsic, you name it we do it!

Optimized Format  -You content needs to include headings, along a well planned introduction, body and conclusion.  Why? Because believe it or not, Google will reward you for providing content that engages visitors, it will also help your web site visitors spend more time on your website which is speculated to have an impact on organic rankings in the future. Think about it, Google wants websites that are engaging on the front page not boring content that causes visitors to leave within seconds.

Optimized & Engaging Media – If your content doesn’t include video, images, infographics or things that make a reader want to stay on your page for a long time then you are not doing it right! Your content is meant to keep visitors on your site and engage them enough to want to perform certain tasks, for some reading the content is enough, for others you may want to encourage a new letter sign up or a lead capture form submission. What ever you want your visitors to do, your content should be optimized to make those conversion happen! Just like the page your’e reading now, staying engaged by content is crucial if you want to make the most of your traffic.

Internal & External Links – Content that ranks well on Google usually has reference links to relevant sources. For example, when it comes to create content for PPC management services or purposes, I might create a link to the page on our site that is all about PPC management. The link in the last sentence uses a keyword and links to a relevant page on this website, this type of link is called an “internal link”. On the other hand, we may reference SEO best practices and send you to a page on Google that explains what Google considered best practices for SEO. The last sentence contains a link to another website, which is a called an external link. The way you use internal and external links make a difference in how your web pages rank on Google

Let’s Plan Your Next Content Development Strategies for 2016!

Now a days, content marketing is more than just getting a bunch of spammy articles made and submitted to free article/blog sites that are one step away from being considered a link farm. If you are getting back links from article sites that are very low quality then you better consider changing up your strategy before you get slapped with an algorithmic filter or penalty. I wrote a great article on how to tell if you’ve been hit with a Pengiun Algorithm filter or penalty which I encourage you to read if you feel you have been hit by a penalty for using poor, spammy content on low quality websites.

In today’s modern age marketing world, you need to have a very elaborate keyword strategy that includes long tail keywords, root keywords, city specific keywords, user intention analysis on search terms and more. For example, you know that some who uses the word “for sale” in their search phrase is usually ready to make a purchase whereas someone who doesn’t may just be gathering information. We recommend search queries based on use intention analysis and then form your quarterly content strategy based on what appears natural and most relevant. With your business experience in your industry or niche, we can together, produce a series of writing topics and keyword groups to incorporate into each page, post, article etc…

Have duplicate content? Many customers had no idea that duplicate content is bad news for ranking on Google. We can help you create unique content on the fly in bulk and of course the quality is always perfect! Our writers will work with you on making revisions until you are happy with the work and most of the time you are pleased with the first draft (based on our approval rates). What ever the case may be we have a small army of content writers that are experienced and professional, they are based in USA and speak fluent English, stop using content companies that out source their work to countries abroad. Those companies usually produce content that is not 100% grammatically sound. When you get content from us, you can expect nothing less than perfect!