How to Answer on the Fly When You’re Asked: What Are You Doing for Our SEO?

By amanda Disilvestro on January 12, 2017

When people hear the term “SEO,” many automatically think of a complicated marketing strategy that requires a whole team of people to manage. However, this isn’t necessarily the case because there are many SEO strategies that you’re probably already incorporating into your current marketing plan without even realizing it. So next time your boss asks what you’re doing to help the company’s SEO, you can confidently answer with some (or all) of the following SEO tactics:

You’ve Designed a Responsive Website

More and more people are searching the Internet with multiple devices: tablets, smartphones, etc. and so a responsive website is a must for 2017. But did you know that by designing a responsive site you’ve also most likely increased your rankings? This is because Google loves a responsive website design (RDW), and with their recent switch to Mobile First, they’re prioritizing mobile sites over desktop when they determine rankings. Thus, having one website and one URL that works for both desktop and mobile puts you ahead of those who have designed separate sites for various devices. Not to mention, a responsive site decreases visitor bounce rate and increases user engagement, 2 things that are essential for great SEO.

You Utilize Email Marketing

Most likely you’re already sending out emails to consumers alerting them of deals, promotions, loyalty programs, upcoming events, etc. These marketing emails can also be used to increase your company’s SEO! Though Google probably isn’t looking at your individual emails, they will take notice if you link back to your business’s website in each of the emails you send out (particularly if people are clicking). You can also use email to increase customer engagement, which will in turn boost your rankings. Encourage them to visit your website, comment on your blog, or visit your social media pages, just like the Ipsy did in their monthly email shown below. This article we wrote last year suggests more helpful ways to take your company’s email marketing to the next level, or you can visit here to learn more.


You Send Out Press Releases or Newsletters

Similarly to email marketing, sending out press releases or newsletters can also increase your rankings; especially if you link back to your company’s website somewhere in the text. The more links you include in your content that directs back to pages on your website, the more value you’re adding to your SEO. You have to make sure all links are relevant and not there for the purpose of SEO, by if you do that you’re on the right path.

So next time you’re creating a press release or writing the company newsletter, think about how you can incorporate some of those all-important links. In addition, press releases and newsletters are important to SEO because they can (and should) be saved and shared on various social media sites. This also increases user engagement and directs consumers back to your website, which in turn increases your rankings.

You Publish Job Openings on Multiple Websites


Have a job opening at your company? Post it everywhere, and not just to get the word out about the open position (though that doesn’t hurt). Publish openings on sites like LinkedIn and, and in the job description make sure to include a link to your company website. Not only does this direct future applicants to further information about the company, it encourages direct traffic to your website which boosts your rankings (are you seeing a trend yet? Link to your website where you can!). This is also a great place to incorporate those essential keyword links that link back to pages on your website—another great way to add value to your SEO strategy.

You Produce High Quality, Relevant Content

Creating valuable content is great for marketing, and even better for SEO. Incorporate keywords into your content and link back to specific pages on your website, but most importantly, write about what your consumers want. Do keyword research to find out what they’re looking for in your blog posts, and they’ll reward you with future engagement on your site. The lower the bounce rate, the higher your SEO rankings. Not to mention, if they’re impressed with the content you’re producing, they’ll be more likely to share it on social media. This will increase your visibility, which will in turn drive more traffic to your site. All in all, it’s worth it to find out what type of content is relevant to your users and then spend time making sure what you’re producing is of a high quality.

You Participate in Events

Whether you’re speaking, sponsoring, or just attending a conference or event, you’ve got a great opportunity to help your company’s SEO. If you’re a speaker or presenter at an event, most likely you’ll be given a biography page on the event website. Make sure to include a link to your company’s website! This is also a great place to link to your social media profiles as well. If you’re sponsoring an event, you’re probably promoting it all over the place (as you should). Link to the company website on all promotional materials in order to get the word out to consumers and to Google. In the screenshot above, all the businesses that sponsor the Chicago Small Business Expo receive a link to their website on the event site.

Finally, if you’re attending an event don’t be afraid to share what you’ve learned! Post recaps on your blog, go Live on social media, and wait for others to share your valuable content. For more information on how events can benefit your SEO strategy, check out this article by

Impressed with how much you’re already doing for your company’s SEO without even realizing it? Think about how excited your boss will be once they find out you’re on the front page of Google. And if you’re not yet incorporating all of these strategies, now is the time to start! What are you doing for your business’s SEO? Comment in the section below.

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