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Looking for email marketing companies in Miami that can help you get the most out of your email marketing efforts? Your search ends here. We have a proven recipe for success when it comes to e-mail marketing but don’t just take our word for it, view our case studies here! With Google Analytics, you can track visitors or calls to your business that are generated from email marketing campaigns. You can track visitor flow paths so that you can connect the dots between the many marketing channels you use to generate traffic without losing the ability to attribute conversions (i.e. sales, calls or form submissions) to the original source. Below is a snap shot of a multi channel report known as the Top Conversion Paths report.



When you setup the right type of tracking, you can literally see how many phone calls, form submissions, sales or bookings you generate from your email marketing efforts. Using this type of data tracking is just one of the many techniques that we use to ensure our clients see a return from their email marketing budget. Whether you have a small budget that you want to test or a large scale email marketing campaign that you’d like to try outsourcing we can help you.


Email Marketing Case Study

To the right is a snap shot of a email marketing campaign that we just launched showing a ~17% conversion rate which means out of all the visitors, 17% turned into a lead by calling or filling out our contact us form. This is just one of many successful campaigns that we’ve managed and we would be happy to share many more with you in person or over the phone. Results like these can be acquired with any business model as long as you have a strategy and plan that is planned out the right way.

A sound email marketing plan is executed with a creative design and topic that appeals to a very specific audience list among many other factors. If you’re in a rut wondering what can be done to take your mailer campaign to next level, you may just need to talk to a marketing expert that can get a fresh set of eyes on your current plan to see where there is room for improvement. If you are looking to get into email marketing for the first time, there are many things to learn about email marketing before you get started.

How do The Best Email Marketing Companies Do it?

Did you know that when a visitor comes to your website he or she usually won’t convert into a customer on the first visit because it usually requires multiple interactions. Generally, visitors will engage in more than 1 interaction with your website or online store before they choose you over your competition because consumers like to compare their options before making a decision. When a visitor comes to your site, there’s only so much you can do to re-engage that visitor. If you don’t have a method for reaching back out to the visitors who found your company online after their first interaction, there’s a slim chance that you will get them to come back unless they remember your website URL or brand name. This is where email marketing campaigns come into play as well as re-marketing campaigns through search engines. These types of campaigns are designed to help convert visitors during that limited time frame between when they first came to your website and when they finally make a purchase through your company or another. The out come depends heavily on which company’s marketing strategy does the best job at influencing that customer to purchase from them.

With a solid email marketing company by your side, you can setup very clever ways to get people to subscribe to your email list for promotions, contests, prizes and more so that you can email those visitors after their first interaction with your company. We can design really beautiful email marketing templates that encourage your past visitors to contact you for services or to buy your products if you’re an eCommerce store owner. These types of marketing campaigns usually perform much better than SEO or PPC ads because you’re advertising to people who already came to your site and that had enough interest in your business to sign up for a newsletter or incentive.