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By Sergio Aicardi on August 13, 2012

Here are just a few testimonials that we’ve received from our clients in video form. There are plenty of other testimonials and references available upon request. Don’t forget to visit our Why Choose Us Page and our Where We Are Featured Page to learn more about our professional team’s accomplishments.

Testimonial #1


Client: Rey C – Owner of Cool on The Go’
Website: www.coolonthego.com
Project: Optimizing his website to show up for keywords like “personal cooling fans” on a nation-wide level meaning, the entire country can find his products online and he’s getting a TON of new sales as a result of our SEO efforts. Below the video testimonial is a screen shot of him ranking #2 for his keyword in less than a few months of working with us.

Example ranking:


Testimonial #2


Client: Matt B
Website: private
Project: Getting products sold nationally by promoting his product pages and product category pages for very difficult keyword terms that have significant search volumes in excess of 10,000 searches per month for some keywords. He is happy to provide a reference upon request too as he is extremely satisfied with our service.

Testimonial #3


Client: Lisa D
Website: www.maidok.com
Project: Managing Lisa’s PPC campaign and SEO campaign to ensure that shes getting phone calls that turn into new jobs for her business. We tracked the number of calls and form submissions for her using Google Analytics and helped her obtain a cost-per-lead that was low enough for her to make great profits from her marketing budget.

Testimonial #4


Client: Judy D
Website: www.stillsassysister.com
Project: We optimized Judy’s website from head to toe to ensure it ranks for keywords that drive new sales to her website. We also help manage her pay-per-click campaigns and social media presence online so that she can focus on growing her business and managing it.

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