Twitter Now Has Live Video: Does It Matter for Your Business?

By amanda Disilvestro on February 22, 2017

On December 14th, 2016 Twitter released a new live video feature that could potentially change the way entrepreneurs use Twitter for their business. As you may have noticed, we have been talking a lot about video in web marketing lately. Aside from social media video is becoming important, but it’s almost a necessity if you’re posting on your social accounts in 2017. Twitter wanted a piece of the pie, and we can’t blame them.


Previously, both Facebook and Instagram had released live video components that are extremely popular and have helped the two social media giants grow in terms of users and followers. Twitter is hoping that their live video will help them compete with these two social platforms that are currently on top in terms of user growth. While Twitter was often the go-to social media site for major organizations who wanted to live stream events such as sports games or the Presidential debates, to name a few, this new live feature will help everyday users and businesses capitalize on video marketing for their own personal and professional use. Below are some ways businesses can make the most of the Twitter live video feature:

Live Video Will Attract New Users and Increase User Engagement

It’s no secret that video marketing has been a game changer for businesses; followers are much more likely to watch a short video than they are to read a long blog post. Nowadays, people have fairly short attention spans (to put it kindly), and so if you don’t peak their interest immediately they’ll move on to something that does. Posting videos is a great way to do just that: Attract new users and engage the followers you already have. It’s much harder to scroll past and ignore a live video than it is to bypass a regular, printed tweet, which is probably why videos on Twitter generate 2.5 times more responses, 2.8 times more retweets and 1.9 times more favorites. Live videos can be retweeted, liked, shared, and commented on—all of which are actions that encourage user engagement and participation. So the next time you question whether you should share new content via a tweet or a live video broadcast, definitely turn to the latter.


You Can Introduce Your Business Through Live Video

Interested in trying out live video for your business but not sure what to broadcast? Start slow and consider going live to promote your brand and build your image. Most likely you’ve already written some tweets and posted some blog content to do just that, but again, you’re much more likely to attract new followers by doing this through video so it doesn’t hurt to do it again. You may be surprised to find you have a much larger response to your broadcast than you did to anything printed that you previously released. Introduce yourself and your employees, give some background on how you got started in your business, discuss your products and/or services, and consider giving viewers a tour of your store or facility (if you have one). Share what’s most important to you about your business; viewers will appreciate your candor and the inside-look into what makes your business tick. This is a much more personal and effective way to grow your brand.

Businesses Can Respond to Tweets with Live Video

Customers tweet businesses all the time. Whether it’s to ask them a question about a product, express a concern or complaint, or to share an experience they had with the company, Twitter is a great way to reach a business directly. And the faster businesses respond to tweets, the more satisfied their customers are. In the past, most companies would reply to consumer tweets the regular way, in 140 characters or less. But now, Twitter live video has changed that. Instead of writing a reply to a customer, consider responding via live video. Your users will appreciate the personal attention they received and the effort you’ve gone through to answer their inquiry. And if they’re tweeting with a question about a product, answering them live is a good way to address the question with a larger audience who also might be wondering the same thing.


Live Video Can be Used to Share Events

Planning an event or fundraiser for your business? Going to listen to a speaker in your industry? Consider going live from the event! In the past, business owners would go to events and then come back and write an extensive blog post about their experience, and maybe followers would read it or maybe they wouldn’t. But now, you’re able to give your followers a front row seat to whatever occasion you’re lucky enough to attend. And like I said before, it’s much harder to ignore a live video feed than it is to bypass a tweet or blog post. Going live from an event is another great way to increase engagement as well; your followers can comment on your video feed and you can address their questions directly in your broadcast. They can also share your video, which is another good way to gain exposure for your business.


The Takeaway

However you choose to use it, Twitter live video is a great addition to your business marketing strategy. If you’re still apprehensive about going live, plan and practice a few videos first. You’ll be comfortable streaming in no time!

Have you published any live videos to your account yet? How do you plan to use Twitter live video for your business? Comment in the section below!

Image Credit: Screenshots taken by author on Twitter, January 2017

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