What is SEO?

By Sergio Aicardi on July 17, 2012


What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, the process of enhancing a website such that it will appear as the top ranking result for the search queries you are optimizing your site for. For example, if you own a hardware store in Miami, then ideally you would want to show up in search as the top result for a search query like “hardware stores in Miami”. Makes sense right? It’s obvious that having this kind of online exposure will help your business generate leads and if done correctly SEO can help grow your business significantly. With the billions of Google users out there, SEO is in high demand and people are paying big bucks for professional services. As the years have passed, SEO has become a very powerful form of marketing that has opened up employment opportunities and business opportunities. The internet advertising industry as a whole has also experienced tremendous growth lately, its no secret that search engine marketing has played a role in this growth.

So if you are like many business owners, you probably have heard of the term SEO and maybe that is what brought you to this blog post. To be honest, the best place to go if you are looking to learn more about SEO would be the beginners guide to SEO brought to you by Moz (formerly SEOMoz). The beginners guide to SEO is very easy to understand and it is a great place to start when it comes to learning SEO basics. Another great place to read about SEO basics is right here on this blog. We constantly update our blog with great information on the latest news and trends in the SEO industry.

Chances are that if you found our website, you have not had success with SEO in the past and you are looking to try us out or maybe you landed on one of our technical blog posts and found this post. The fact of the matter is that SEO can be very complicated, especially if you are in a competitive industry that requires multiple large campaigns. Whether you need help with a Remarketing campaign an organic local campaign we can help you and teach you how to be successful online. The next time you get a sales call from an SEO company ask the salesman what kind of experience he or she has with optimizing a website, chances are they have never done SEO before. Our project managers have all ranked websites, managed large PPC campaigns and generated revenue through lead generation with SEO. Our team of project managers won’t just ship your project off to a company in India that builds spammy links with broken English, we will grow your online revenue stream with a numbers driven strategy.

Search engine marketing is meant to be a profitable excersize, that’s why we strive to track ROI as closely as possible with Google Analytics tracking and Adwords data tracking. If you are looking for a team to setup your E-commerce website with ROI tracking so that you can see what your Adwords campaign is generating you down to the exact dollar then we can set that up for you easily. Do you have a third party shopping cart? Not a problem, with cross domain tracking we can easily track your conversions across multiple domains by making a simple change to your tracking code and by creating a filtered profile in your account.

Data is the most important part of the puzzle, without it we are not able to visualize the visitor flow of your website, the ROI of your E-commerce site or the amount of form submissions you are generating from your campaigns. Our project managers are data junkies and excel gurus, they can present you with the most accurate data that explains how well your campaign are performing and will indicate areas that need improvement. Our goal is to proactively look for ways to enhance your campaign performance, whether that means increasing your impression to average CPC ratio or decreasing your bounce rate the bottom line is that we are always looking for ways to make the most of your traffic instead of just getting you to rank on page one of Google. Our project managers will gladly spend a few hours on the phone with you going over the data that they find and the suggestions they present that could help improve your campaigns performance. Very often during conversations with your project manager, ideas will form from the collaboration that can turn dormant resources into invaluable commodities that can leverage your SEO. For example, not every business owner know how important content can be, a client once explained that he had a USB stick with thousands of pages of unpublished content that was relevant to his industry, we uploaded those pages on his blog and his site has grown from 100 visitors a week to over 1000.

Don’t let SEO scare you, while it may seem like a lot to take in the most successful form of marketing is done online now a days. As a business owner the more knowledge you have the better. Learn how to gauge your online marketing efforts or the efforts of your service provider by reading as much as possible and staying up to date with the latest news and updates in the online marketing world to stay ahead of the competition.

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