Google Analytics April Fool’s Joke

By Sergio Aicardi on April 3, 2013
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If you were looking at your real time reporting in Google Analytics on April Fool’s day, then you might have noticed some unusual data. The international space station apparently was visiting websites around midnight on April 1st, apparently 38 visitors were active on many sites from this location. Many people who saw this were scratching their head wondering if Big Brother Government was checking out their website and some other outlandish speculations, but the truth is this was just a big April Fool’s joke from our friend Google.


It became obvious to many when you drilled down on the location of the active visitors that this was Google Analytics April Fool’s Joke holiday hoax. The location of the “International Space Station” was in the middle of no where, as if it were some sort of uncharted island. The campaign source was labeled “April Fool’s” which was the dead give away, it’s a good thing that they didn’t increase revenue tracking figures for E-commerce webmasters and analysts. It was a humorous and harmless joke in my opinion but i’m sure there will be some comments out there that are negative about the little prank Google decided to play.


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