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By Sergio Aicardi on August 20, 2013
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Looking for a reliable Florida SEO Company that can help you generate more revenue from the major search engines? The Miami SEO Company started off as just a small operation in South Florida that took over Miami and Fort Lauderdale and has since then expanded to become one of the top ranked search engine marketing service providers in the country. It’s no secret that out-ranking other SEO’s is not easy, so consider this, since we started our website we have been able to out rank thousands of other SEO firms in Miami and even on a nationwide level. The companies that we out rank have been in business for a long time and are suppose to be the “pros”. We recently started promoting our Fort Lauderdale SEO Company page and guess what? It’s on page one already

Not good enough? We didn’t think so either, which is why we went after a nationwide term which was “e commerce PPC company” and guess what, 2 weeks later and we made it to the number one position. These are the type of quick results that we obtain for our clients and we would love to get your website to the top as well! And don’t worry, we are using any type of “Black Hat” or manipulative techniques that lead to penalties, we only use techniques that are admired by the search engines. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and do your research, then give us a call, we will gladly walk you through our techniques.

What Makes The Miami SEO Company Different?

The Miami SEO Company prides itself off of teaching our clients what our processes consist of. We don’t hide a “secret formula” or “proprietary methods”, we simply stay on top of the best practices and guidelines that search engines like Google like to see. Our research and development team is constantly testing the algorithm to see what we can do to add a better value to our service. Matt Cutts is the head of search over at Google and we ask ourselves during our R & D meetings, “Would Matt Cutts approve of this”? Every month, we optimize our own optimization processes because like Google, things are ALWAYS CHANGING. If you are still using the same SEO techniques that were only effective 2 years ago, then you are going to be left behind quick. We are a proactive type of SEO firm that focuses on ROI not keyword rankings or traffic alone. If you are about to spend thousands of dollars a month on a marketing service that is supposed to provide you with a profit, then wouldn’t it make sense to track your returns? We think so, which is what makes us one of the few eCommerce SEO Companies that track ROI.

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Data Driven SEO Firm in Miami, Florida

If you are a data junkie like me and you already are familiar with metrics like bounce rate, conversion rates and CTR then you may just be looking for a professional e-commerce SEO Company that knows how to report these things and provide you with a more custom tailored service. Whether you need some basic consulting services to get your in house team up to speed with the latest post penguin SEO strategies or a full blow online marketing plan, we can help you succeed online in even the most competitive industries. Our project managers are all Google Adwords and Analytics certified and they all have several years of experience providing the most professional eCommerce SEO service. Don’t trust the telemarketer that keeps calling you trying to solicit you for online marketing services that are not going to provide you with a return on your investment, trust a team of passionate online marketing gurus that know to make use of power, tangible data with Google Analytics.

Proactive search engine optimization services

Don’t settle for a service that is mediocre at best, give your company the type of proactive marketing service that it deserves. If your current search engine marketing service provider is not providing you with a service that constantly improves upon the profitability of your marketing vehicles then you aren’t getting the professional service you deserve. If you want the type of marketing service that involves constantly increasing the profitability of your marketing budget then contact us right away. We will put you in touch with a consultant that can show you how to monetize off of resources that you may not even realize are capable of providing you with additional revenue. For example did you know that if you have an in house editor or assistant that can help create just a few paragraphs of content a day you can seriously increase the amount of organic traffic your website gets? Just look at our blog, it’s updated every single day and we are ranking everywhere!

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Our area of expertise is in Large PPC campaign management, we have the experienced Adwords campaign managers needed to skyrocket your conversion rates and to lower the average cost per click for all of your campaigns through quality score and landing page optimization. Our analysts hone in on the areas of your website, campaign, ad groups and ad copies that may need improvement which all can lead to a reduced cost per click and cost per conversion. The more time we spend working with your project the more profitable it becomes, we don’t just collect a monthly payment from you and make a few keyword bid adjustments like some SEO companies do, we go above and beyond to ensure that you are always working towards becoming more and more profitable. We can help you implement ROI tracking if you are not already doing so even if you need to track your conversions on a third party shopping cart. Having ROI Tracking included in your KPI reports will allow you to see exactly what are you making vs what you are spending.

If you are not convinced by our websites ranking and you want more proof that we are the team that you should be working with then please, call our marketing guru’s right now and challenge them. Ask them all the technical questions you want, I guarantee there isn’t another SEO firm in South Florida that can provide you with the type of expert advise that our team can. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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