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By Sergio Aicardi on April 3, 2013
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To optimize a webpage effectively, we use a proven strategy that our team has developed over the years. It consists of a combination of well known white hat techniques like link building (the right way), social media optimization, content creation and on page optimization. I use these techniques for my personal sites that I use as an affiliate marketer, and I also share my techniques with anyone who is interested in hearing about them. I don’t keep things a secret, that is not the right was to operate, many industry professionals work the same way while others keep everything a secret. The way I see it, if you are confident in your abilities, you shouldn’t have to worry about your competition taking your ideas and out performing you.

Over the years my team and I have read as much as possible and studied as much as possible while working at a Miami SEO company about SEO because of the rewards you can see from it when it’s done right. Our methods are not unique, every good SEO uses the same techniques and you should use these strategies for yourself internally if you decide to not contract our team to manage your SEO.

For every page of the site that we want to promote in terms of SEO, we use a blend of activities that include :

1. Creating a very high quality piece of content or modifying the existing content of a web page to include keywords in a natural manner through out the pages header tags, body, code, and alt tag attributes.

2. Creating a Youtube video (for each page) that is well optimized for that page, and that has high quality links pointing at the video. Optimizing your videos is very helpful because it passes the SEO work to the website it’s linked to.

3. Creating social media mentions of this page and or the articles referencing this page to engage your social audience, this will encourage Facebook likes, Google Plus +1’s and Twitter Re-tweets which are measured by the Google algorithm (don’t just take it from me, take it from one of Google’s head engineers Matt Cutts‘).

4. Link building (the RIGHT WAY) – Because of how misunderstood link building can be these days I can’t stress enough how careful you have to be with paying for link building services. Our link building is very diverse, it could include leaving comments in discussion sites (on relevant threads), leaving guest blog posts on other high quality websites, syndicating articles or press releases on the top article/forum sites etc… To obtain high quality links is a difficult task if you are not up to date on your SEO strategies. The way we link build, is really not considered link building at all. We earn links for you, we contact webmasters, forum moderators, blog owners that allow guest blog posting and we simply ask them to let us place a link on their sites. A good link more often than not is one that requires a request and approval (you can’t just go on and expect to get a link but if you battle to get a press release placed on you might just be able to do it and that it the way we link build). We look for angles, and ask webmasters and obtain nothing but high quality links from real websites, not “link farms” whose soul purpose of existence is to obtain links. We don’t just build links pointing to your website, we also get links that point to your Youtube videos, social media pages, articles, blogs etc… Here is a industry leader known as Rand Fishken explaining this technique in detail:

5. Utilizing Google Authorship, Google Authorship is something that is very new and I actually have yet to see a single SEO company offer to use the leverage of Google authorship for their clients. To sum up what Google authorship is; it is a way to assign someone as the author of your website through Google. When you have an author, Google will display the author next to your website in the results pages. This is something that Google is doing to win over the SEO community and to ultimately try and beat Facebook because it forces you to create a Google plus page. If you use authorship, not only will your organic presence benefit from it, but your click-through-rate always increases (people tend to click on websites with images next to them in the results more than websites without images next to them statistically), click through rate is the rate at which your websites is clicks on vs how many times it is displayed. Here is an industry leader by the name of Jeff Sauer explaining this in further detail.

6. Creating and updating a blog on a daily basis and building a blog audience. We will always create and maintain a very active blog because that is one of the most powerful things you can do in terms of SEO. When you have a powerful and popular blog, people are always dying to read the next blog post, they will build links naturally to the blog because it has really good content being updated regularly, videos and images that the audience will share among each other by linking, re-tweeting, Faecbook sharing, Google plus +1’s etc… This will help you obtain links naturally, when someone writes an article on a relevant topic for example buying gold they might mention your blog with a link because it contains great content that would likely provide an internet user with a good experience (Google loves this type of work, again hear it from one of the top guys at Google Matt Cutts’:

SEO is not rocket science, it just takes someone or some team with a modern aged approach due to the fact that SEO is constantly changing to provide Google users with a better search experience. Professional SEO’s understand that SEO and companies like The Miami SEO Company changes frequently and the ones that adapt are the ones that will always stay ahead of the curve (and so will their clients).

As long as you make sure your current team is utilizing these techniques, you will greatly benefit from it. We can manage your websites SEO presence at a rate that is acceptable and more importantly it will deliver tangible results. Our reporting is detailed, we don’t just report on what position your ranking in, we install call tracking that shows the number of phone calls on a keyword level. We also track any type of online conversion whether it be a form submission or any type of website inquiry. We will even set up your website to track e-commerce transactions for you and calculate an exact ROI on your marketing budget for you.

Thanks for reading and happy blogging!

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