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By Sergio Aicardi on April 7, 2013

Any business person today, who is serious about growing, will have to practice SEO (Search engine optimization). The fact of the matter is that the internet is now the number one place to advertise. Hardly anyone uses the Yellow Pages anymore and if you need a phone number, you just “Google” it. Yes, Google has now become a verb, and not just a noun. The fact that Google has grown into such a tremendous publicly traded company is a direct result of the power it holds as a search engine market.

Two or three years ago, it was possible to put up a website, put its address on your card so people could find it and that was enough to be considered a professional company with an online imate. Years ago, not very many people looked at your website, except maybe your wife and the guy who built the website for you. In fact, that website did very little in bringing in new customers to your business about a decade ago. Now, if you don’t have a website you are basically considered crazy, if you can’t find your website on Google then you are not marketing effectively.

Fort Lauderdale SEO Company – Explaining The Future of Marketing

fort lauderdale seo company

The playing field has changed. There are quite a few SEO Companies in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who will tell you that they will improve your profits quite a bit, and that may be true. The thing that this article is going to cover, is what you as the business owner needs to know and be aware of as you begin to look for a web agency to provide you with search engine marketing services. Whether your’e looking for an eCommerce SEO company or just a local PPC management company that can help drive more visitors to your website there are a few things that you can ask to ensure that you choose the right team or individual.

When your are shopping for a company to “put you on Google”, the individuals from the SEO company will need to set a meeting with you to go over your marketing goals. If they company offers a keyword package or a cookie cutter package system that works for any company chances are that they are not a truly professional marketing team. SEO campaigns are all unique, identifying what you as the business owner would like to accomplish is the first step in forming a professional SEO campaign. They will need to know what you sell, what your core products or services are, and what your perfect customer looks like. In other words they will need to know what kind of person that they are going to set your online presence to look for.The proper way to do things would be to come up with profit margins, average order revenues and estimations of conversion rates based off of historical data if any. With these types of metrics you can forecast your ROI so that you know what you will be making in return for every dollar that you spend on marketing. They will need to know what you sell, what your core products or services are, and what your perfect customer looks like. In other words they will need to know what kind of person that they are going to set your online presence to look for.

Confidence is important, but it has to be backed with tangible proof and logic. The company should be able to demonstrate that they actually do have the ability to generate targeted traffic and increase your conversion rate. Getting a website to rank for competitive keywords won’t happen overnight, but there are ways to demonstrate that a company has the ability to do it and you really need to see that or proof from existing customers that they have that ability. Talk is cheap in this business, and results are everything.

Professional Ft Lauderdale SEO Company

A professional Fort Lauderdale SEO Company will know how to market your brand and products or services to the right type of internet users. Knowing how to find these visitors takes research and experience with internet marketing which now every Florida SEO Company has.

The company that you will want to be working with on a project like this, should understand that you will want an ongoing presence online so black hat techniques should never be used. Many local SEO companies that are fly by night still use archaic techniques that are called “black hat” and they can lead to penalties from search engines that will make your website impossible to find. There must be an understandable cost to expected results ratio involved, where you understand what it will take to achieve a desired result. The SEO company and the client must understand that the charges must be reasonable, yet effective in order to obtain the desired results. SEO services that sound too cheap or too expensive probably are, the questions you ask the more you can find out about where your money is going. A professional marketing team will have a set of proposed tasks and sometimes even hourly break downs of the time it takes to accomplish each task.

A year or two ago, many websites used flash and lacked any content, now with SEO relying so heavily on content, flash sites are almost non existent. It is best practice to build a clean website with an intelligent navigation, sleek design and excellent user experience that states your message and gets right to the point. When it comes to eCommerce SEO services and web design you have to remember this is not a site that informs as much as it will be a site that sells your brand or product. Every penny that you put towards the website is an investment so it may be helpful to contract an SEO consultant while developing your website. Keep in mind the optimized site is the culmination of what a person is specifically looking for in a search, and if it’s “eCommerce PPC Management” that someone searches for, then a website like this one is what should be fetched for the searcher, a high quality relevant site.

The next item to look for is how the SEO company is going to coordinate the company website presence with mobile platforms, mobile responsive websites are critical when it comes to SEO. Since the majority of internet users are starting to now use smart phones to access the web when they are on the go, its important to tend to these types of visitors in the most efficient way possible, which is why Google will reward you for having a mobile friendly website.These people use their smart phones for all of their communications. It is their phone, their texting mechanism, their email, and their link to the Internet. Studies have shown that 95% of people who shop online have used a mobile device or tablet to make an online purchase. If you aren’t doing what it takes to have a professional site that can out perform the competition then you are going to be left behind in the dust.

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