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By Jason Hawkins on August 9, 2013

Our E-commerce Campaign Management Services

Shopping sites can vary in size, some have hundreds of thousands of products while others have only a few hundred. Professional E-commerce SEO for large companies can help take your online advertising to the next level if you are working with the right one. Whether you are seeking an SEO company that manages large E commerce campaigns or small campaigns, we can help you increase conversions in a way that is proven to be successful. We are a 100% data driven SEO company that uses Google Products like Google Analytics and Google Adwords to hone in on areas of your e-commerce website that need improvement. From conversion optimization to mobile campaign testing, we will pin point opportunities to obtain untapped revenues that may have been hiding in plain site. Our multi channel marketing solutions are what allow us to remain the top rated eCommerce SEO firm in all of the country!

Our campaign managers are always proactively looking for ways to increase your campaigns profitability, whether it means reducing your quality score on a campaign level to get a lower CPC or aggressively promoting products that provide higher profit margins. Not every online marketing company that offers PPC Management for E-commerce websites will provide the type of professional data driven service that The Miami SEO Company will, our campaign managers all have Google Adwords and Analytics certifications along with several years of experience managing large budget campaigns. We will never put your campaign in the hands of an entry level project manager that has little to no experience, we provide you with real marketing analyst that provides a true value to your company and marketing campaign.


The Best E commerce SEO Company

An e-commerce SEO company is only as good as its talent, few search engine optimization companies can match our talent, go ahead and give us a call to speak with our representatives, challenge them. Ask them technical questions and debate with them, we our confident that if you do your shopping around, you will see that our team is comprised of true marketing experts, not entry level project managers that make mistakes on your dime. Our team of SEM guru’s have been in the industry for years, they live, breathe, eat and sleep search engine marketing. Make sure to do your research before choosing the best ecommerce SEO company to manage your campaign, there are many companies out there that are scams or that will over promise and under deliver.

Work With A Google Certified Ecommerce SEO Firm!


eCommerce SEO service with KPI Reporting

To a business owner, being on page one of Google does not necessarily translate into profitability. We take the time to ensure that the executive members of your organization are receiving reports that show key performance indicators, metrics like phone call volume, form submission volume, revenue reports, ROI reports and more. We understand that most business owners don’t have the time to learn how to use reporting software as well as marketing professionals do, that’s why we create very easy to digest reports using Google Analytics dashboards which update in real time. Your dashboard will show you what matters, things like cost per acquisition, ROI, number of phone calls from search engine traffic and more. Our team of certified eCommerce marketing analysts (certification shown to the left) are always here to answer any questions that you might have regarding your marketing efforts. If you are not tracking your conversions meticulously, we will implement the proper tracking so that you can get a accurate representation of what you ROI is each month. We know that keyword reports and conversion rates are not enough, we can help you setup ROI tracking even if you have a third party shopping cart by using cross domain and ROI tracking with Google Analytics.

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Jason Hawkins is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Miami SEO Company. He has over ten years of experience in search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization and lead generation. His core responsibilities include identifying ways to increase value of services rendered, training staff on advanced SEO topics, and A/B testing internal processes to consistently improve client return on investment.