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By Sergio Aicardi on May 7, 2013
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Creating professional PPC management and Adwords campaigns can make a huge difference in your ROI and having the right person to manage your campaign can make a huge difference as well. In most cases, campaigns are generally left on “auto-pilot” without any on going optimization and there are no proactive analyst improving upon campaign performance. At The Miami SEO Company, we go the extra mile, we don’t just monitor your budget and remind you when your funds have been exhausted. We provide you with an Adwords Certified campaign manager that will constantly look for ways to improve upon your campaign performance which will translate into higher returns on your hard earned money.

How do you optimize a PPC campaign you ask?

Well there are several ways to go about doing so but in most cases, campaigns that are not being managed by a professional need to be completely restructured. Some of the techniques that The Miami SEO Company uses when managing PPC campaigns are split testing several ad copies and creating as many unique landing pages as possible to obtain 10/10 quality scores.


What in the world is a quality score?

If you are not familiar with what quality scores are, they are a basically a grade assigned to your ad in terms of relevance, user experience the quality of your landing page and many other factors. Quality Score also pays a key role in your positions and cost for clicks, in other words, Google will REWARD you for having high quality scores. Not only will you pay less to be in higher positions, but statistically adverts with higher quality scores always lead to higher conversion rates, average visitor duration and pages per visit which translates in to dollar signs in most cases.

Don’t fret, our certified campaign managers are here to explain to you how to improve your ad performance and to teach you what all of this means so that you can appreciate the work we do for you. We will take a firm grasp on your PPC campaign and ensure that you are maximizing your returns and reducing the money spent low performing keywords that don’t convert. Our reporting is one of a kind, what ever you as the business owner would like to track will show up in your reports, we don’t just provide you with standard data that is exported from Adwords, we will find out what your most important key performance indicators are such as phone calls, e-commerce transactions, form submissions or registrations and provide them in a detailed fashion in your reports that way you can see the value in what you are paying for each month. Our pay per click management team has many years of experience with handling large campaigns and a 100% success rate with improving the quality scores of campaigns along with over all improvement of campaign performance through split testing and more!

Quality Score’s 101 by Google.

When we re-structure campaigns, we take the already existing data from Google Analytics and Adwords to see how certain keywords, ad-copies and landing pages were performing. Typically what we will do is take all of the data by using several Vlookup and Find functions in Excel to end up with a huge spread sheet that has all of the metrics from Adwords and Analytics combined, we also will import search volume from the Adwords keyword tool. Depending on how much data we have, we typically are able to setup a campaign that is based off of historical data, meaning, you don’t have to blow through your budget to find out which keywords work better than others. The structure of your new campaign will be methodically put together in a way that allows for optimum performance from the start.

There are some neat ways to create spread sheets in Excel and upload them straight into Adwords Editor and you can learn everything you need to learn about it by following this link or watching this short video:

Video Demonstration of Uploading Spreadsheet into Adwords Editor!

After having a campaign set up the right way, we will always perform split testing. I know you probably have heard the term split testing many times and for those of you who don’t know what it means it is the process of testing multiple variations to see which performs the best. Split testing can be and should be done on Ad copies, Landing pages, color schemes, images, layouts, font color and size, call to actions, in fact everything can be split tested. At the end of the day split testing is a scientific method used to maximize your campaign and websites performance so why would your campaign manager be doing this?? A proper campaign goes through multiple forms of split testing regularly to ensure that the budget being used is getting the most “bang for its buck”. Now you might be thinking that this is way too much to keep up with and it can be, that is why we are here to help!

I’m a business owner I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!!

PPC is too much work!

To find our more about how we can help turn your PPC campaign into a revenue generating machine, call one of our certified consultants today or fill out the form on our website and we will get in touch with you right away! (954) 732-4787 Contact Page.

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