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By Sergio Aicardi on September 22, 2013
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Running a business is a very daunting task that requires risk, dedication, sacrifices, competition and more. Being the best means competing with the best and business owners have to understand how to use administrative duties, sales, marketing, and management tasks. On top of that advancements in technology and mobile devices are making it impossible to survive without adapting and accommodating your strategies according to the trends in technology. This is causing many businesses to fail when it comes to marketing and advertising, especially for businesses that focus their marketing efforts online. Unfortunately, when you own a business, you must adapt to the market conditions and dynamics. If you fail to adapt, you risk falling behind to your competitors. A prime example of this type of failure could be a result of not using mobile targeted marketing campaigns. If you are custom tailoring your marketing efforts to the masses, then you are missing out on big opportunities for business growth.

Today we will discuss a very specific type of marketing that is growing in popularity which is search marketing with Google Adwords. Many business owners are looking for an eCommerce PPC management company to take control of their pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Companies that offer PPC management for ecommerce websites are able to increase ROI and take things to the next level by reducing conversion costs and increasing the overall profitability of your campaign. Many people do not believe in PPC marketing and in my opinion, it is because they are simply ignorant. Ignorant to the fact that Google Adwords is an extremely robust marketing tool that if used correctly can provide you with a sophisticated marketing machine that tracks ROI down to the exact dollar for you. If Adwords was something that “didn’t work”, then how on earth could Adwords generate over 40 billion dollars in one year from PPC adverstising? How would a publicly traded billion dollar titan of a company like State Farm or Progressive spend over 40 million a year on clicks? Do you think such a company would spend that kind of money if it wasn’t turning a profit? I think not…

Ecommerce Adwords Management Services.


One of the most recent changes in the business market has been the increase in consumer spending on the Internet, more specifically, on the search engines. The Internet will soon surpass traditional brick and mortar for the total percentage of sales. You can tell how popular the Internet has become with more retailers focusing on Cyber Monday, instead of Black Friday and with the tremendous amount of revenue generated by eCommerce websites like Amazon. Not only is the Internet a dynamically changing machine that must be accounted for, but so are he devices that are being used to access the web while mobile. Increasingly, consumers are using their mobile devices to search for and buy products and services. In fact, 3 out of every 5 searches on the web is completed on a mobile device (Smartphone or tablet).

When you are a business owner, you want to advertise where your potential customers are located. Its no secret that a large amount of traffic can be found online searching Google. If you want to compete with the best companies in your industry you’re going to want to advertise on the Internet and mobile devices. One of the most effective ways to advertise on the Internet is to implement PPC ad’s. PPC is an Internet advertising model that is used to direct traffic to a website. The advertisers pay only when an ad is clicked. Google is the most popular search engine to advertise on but Bing, Yahoo and many other search engines offer advertising solutions for those who want to start a SEM campaign.

Below, we’ll feature some of the reasons why businesses should consider hiring a PPC management company Miami:

1. Their ability to focus all of their attention on data driven PPC management.

An eCommerce PPC Management Company should be able to constantly improve upon the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. PPC campaigns requrie constant attention in order to be optimized effectively and hiring a full time campaign manager or SEO consultant can cost you a LOT of money. PPC management companies have the experience needed to increase the ROI of your marketing budget by implementing and managing an effective PPC campaign.

2. The dynamics of PPC marketing are always changing.

Along with the business market itself, PPC trends consistently change. The Miami SEO Company offers a professional marketing service that focuses on ROI not traffic and clicks. Our specialty is search marketing, our campaign managers are experts in the field of search marketing and they know all about the intricacies of PPC management. Whereas, a team that is distracted with other duties may miss certain industry trends that can hamper the effectiveness of a campaign. An eCommerce SEO company like ours have already dedicated the time needed to learn the dynamics of the industry, let us help you create a professional marketing campaign that generates substantial ROI. There are consistent changes being made to the rules and regulations within AdWords and Ad Center, if you don’t hire a team that keeps up with these changes, your competitors can quickly out perform you if they find out how to use these changes to their advantage before you do.


3. No Worries or distractions.

A PPC management company in Miami like ours can help take your business to new heights through the power of search marketing. Our sole job is to run a PPC campaign as effectively as possible, no excuses. You can set your own budget to any amount that you would like and our job will be to make sure you are turning a profit, in most cases we can even setup ROI tracking to see what you are netting down to the exact dollar. In house PPC experts can often deal with budget constraints that may traditionally hamper the success of a marketing campaign.

4. Team work.

If a business has one person managing a PPC campaign, they will likely not be as effective as an entire team dedicated to running a campaign. This is because one person cannot simply handle all of the intricacies involved in running a successful PPC campaign. PPC campaigns require a constant analysis of data in order to optimize it effectively. A PPC management agency like ours has the resources needed to handle campaigns of any size.

5. Overall Cost.

A PPC management company has the resources expertise needed to reduce the costs of running a successful PPC campaign. When a business decides to take on PPC advertising, they may decide to dedicate an employee to learning and implementing an advertising campaign. While this can work, it will likely cost the business a significant amount of money in “learning costs”, time is money, this is not always the best option. If not done properly, a PPC campaign can be extremely expensive. An eCommerce PPC management company will have the needed expertise required to eliminate the chance of making costly mistakes while ensuring that your marketing dollars are being used with the most optimal efficiency possible. This will help the business profit more off of their PPC campaigns.

6. Security.

If you dedicate an in-house employee to learning the intricacies of your PPC campaign, at some point in time, they may leave your company. This possess a security threat to your valuable campaign data. The employee you assigned to PPC management may take the knowledge they have acquired and use it for their own business or look for employment with one of your competitors. This can be detrimental to any business, big or small.



Why Hire A PPC Management Company?

Now that we have discussed several reasons for hiring a PPC management company, it is clear that most business will benefit tremendously from hiring one. A business owner cannot compete without advertising where their potential customers are. Looking for the solution in-house could lead to serious monetary losses for the company. A PPC management company has the time, resources, expertise and industry experience to effectively run a PPC campaign. They’re the perfect solution to a complex advertising system. Check out the video below to learn a little bit more about the specifics of of Adwords marketing.

Remember, hiring an SEO or PPC management company is pertinent to a business, don’t make the mistake of hiring a company that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Businesses must adapt to the changes in the marketplace, which is why we make sure that our campaign manager are constantly staying up to date with the latest updates, tips, tricks, features and product releases that allow us to offer the most up to date and comprehensive online marketing service in town. More and more people are searching the Internet for products and services while using their mobile devices to make purchases, let us help you grow a strong presence in front of the masses. A business must understand the importance of PPC management team, let us show you the value in having a professional team on your side by calling us and speaking to one of our Google certified marketing managers.

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