The 3 Most Effective Plastic Surgeon Marketing Company Services

By Jason Hawkins on May 10, 2021

digital marketing for plastic surgeonsTrying to find the best plastic surgeon marketing company may seem like a daunting task. After all, everyone is screaming pick me! Pick me! This post will be a breath of fresh air for you. We’ll do our best to share just the 3 most effective plastic surgeon marketing company services. This will allow you to save your hard-earned money. Alternatively, you can pump it into a proven advertising source that will yield leads.

If you are like us and most other plastic surgeons, fancy marketing reports aren’t necessarily what you are after. You are after the end-result. Your lobby is full of patients who sincerely want their consultations. Several agencies charge quite a bit of money for turn-key digital marketing for plastic surgery practices. It seems reasonable. Even if you were to spend $5k a month on SEO, PPC, Social Media Management, Email Management, Blogging, Review Management & Generation, Conversion Rate Optimization, etc; you’d pay much more than that to hire someone full time who could maybe only handle half of those activities.

Being the top seo company in Miami, we have heard from many surgeons throughout the last 5 years. Many of them are not necessarily looking to do everything under the sun offered by digital marketing companies. For plastic surgeons, it boils down to one thing. Getting patients in the door.

3rd Most Effective Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgeon Service

plastic surgeon seo companyReview Management & Generation. For plastic surgeons, marketing agencies understand that you must get patients. Think we are bluffing? More than 52% of consumers aged 18 to 54 said they “always” read reviews. This research can be found here.

What’s that mean to you? Well if your reviews are lacking that isn’t good. If your competitors have a better rating than you, you instantly just lost interest in half of the consumers finding you. If you have 1,000 eyeballs (mind you, that you are paying for) you are instantly losing 500 to competitors with better or more reviews. This is why this initiative made the list. We felt due to the numbers alone this deserved a spot for you to consider. Reviews are certainly an important digital marketing initiative for plastic surgeons.

2nd Most Effective Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgeon Service

digital marketing for plastic surgeonsThe second most effective digital marketing for plastic surgeons would be SEO. For Plastic surgeons, this can be quite a competitive undertaking. Due to the very nature of SEO for plastic surgeons, it can take 6+ months in competitive geographical areas. This is why it made the #2 spot because of the time it takes. Several agencies that offer online marketing for plastic surgeons will charge a large retainer each month with 0 guarantees. After all, procedures are generally worth over $5,000.00 and in some instances, patients are booking multiple procedures.

This raises the stakes. It means that several plastic surgeon SEO campaigns are being invested heavily. In an extremely competitive industry, it isn’t solely about the amount of money you spend but the techniques the plastic surgery SEO agency is using. You’ll want to make sure the company you are using knows what they are doing. Look for video testimonials from actual plastic surgeons. Ask for video case studies as numbers cannot be easily manipulated in a live setting. Look to make sure they are a google partner.

Luckily, you only have to worry about local competition with local SEO. Plastic surgeons will usually have claimed their Google My Business listing. However, there are only 3 spots that will typically populate which means optimizing is more important than ever.

1st Most Effective Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgeon Service

miami plastic surgeon ppc advertisingThe 1st most effective internet marketing for plastic surgeons is [drum roll]…paid advertising! This hit our number one spot because when done correctly there is no waiting months and months for patients. That is why it is literally the best plastic surgeon marketing agency service. offers this service with no monthly retainer. 100% of your money goes to ad-spend not their pockets.

In fact, we’ve seen patients generated for plastic surgeons within one week! The downside is you must pay Google whereas with SEO you do not have to pay Google. Keep in mind, that if you spend $1.00 and are making $6.00 in return, does that spend really matter? Generally, our plastic surgeons are seeing incredible results because we’ve been focusing on this niche for the last 5 years.

There are several subsets of paid surgeon marketing & advertising such as paid social ads, search, display, remarketing, etc. Knowing which to use and when is critically important. For the skeptics out there, you must keep in mind that if you tried setting up your campaign and do not know the difference between broad match, phrase match, and exact match along with bid settings; that is one strong reason why it really “didn’t work out”. Google wouldn’t make the sort of money it makes if it is advertising simply didn’t work. Another way you can tell it works well is because if it worked so poorly, your competitors surely wouldn’t be continuously advertising on something that is losing them money!

Bonus – How to Get Those Top 3 Services with No Monthly Retainer!

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. With Advertising for Surgeons, you can acquire all of these services without paying a retainer because their digital marketing campaigns are run on a performance basis. Meaning, you only pay when they are successful in bringing patient consultations to your practice.

It is a brand-new offering in a space where traditionally you’d be forced to outlay heavy cash resources on a monthly basis with several thousand per month being charged as a retainer. We’ve changed that model and view our clients as partners. We’re in this together working for free until we do our job right and only then are we paid. This mitigates nearly every single risk on your behalf and puts skin in the game for us.

There is one downside. Territories are limited due to the very nature of this offer. If a plastic surgeon focuses on one procedure in Miami (i.e – rhinoplasty) and another plastic surgeon that focuses on Rhinoplasty reaches out to us we’ll, unfortunately, have to turn down that plastic surgeon’s business. This is because we cannot compete with ourselves, especially when we are working for free until we are successful in getting patients into your door.

It gets better. On top of all the services above, you’ll also receive lead management and nurturing. We’ll schedule the patients. Reschedule the patients if something comes up with your leads and more! If you are interested in learning more, head over to

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