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By Jason Hawkins on March 22, 2018

Drone Marketing Services Made Easy

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If you’re not familiar with Google Analytics, Google Adwords or Google My Business then you might feel a bit in the dark about how to actually pick a marketing company that knows what they’re doing. We make it easy to understand your marketing results if you’re a newbie or a pro at Google Marketing. We build reporting dashboards that report only the most important metrics like total phone calls that last over 30 seconds or more, we also track total transactions, total revenue and total emails if you are looking to generate web form submissions from prospective customers. When you have a simple to digest report that shows you the total amount of money you’ve spent on keyword clicks, you can compare that total amount of money to the number of total transactions, calls or revenue in the same report.

Did you know that Google Adwords generates of 60 billion dollars annually in clicks from business owners paying to show up on at the top of Google? Furthermore, did you know that they provide the most sophisticated tracking and reporting solutions available with Google Analytics? With Google Analytics, there are endless amounts of reporting possibilities that we can help you become familiar with. We even have our own proprietary reporting template that is available for download in the Google Partners reporting dashboard gallery! Check out the example snapshot below that shows some of the neat reporting features we’ve integrated into Google Analytics. You can see how much revenue was generated from each traffic source, you can see the total amount of calls, chats and more broken down by source. If you are spending money on ads, you can also integrate cost for clicks into these reports with ease.


One of the great things about working with a transparent reporting system is that you’ll know if your marketing budget is being put to good use or not. We take pride in setting up professional reporting so that our clients can see the results of our efforts. Since we don’t obligate our clients to engage in any long-term commitment with us, we’re able to earn our business each month by providing positive results each and every month. Whether you’re looking to reach page one of Google for very competitive keywords organically, or if you’re looking to improve the conversion rate of your Adwords campaigns we are here to help!

SEO For Drone Companies That Work

If you’re interested in seeing our recent case studies, visit our case studies section from the top menu of our website under the “Why Us” drop down. When you land on our PPC case studies page, you will see case studies that deal with Google Adwords pay per click campaigns. These are different from SEO campaigns found on the SEO case studies page because with SEO there are no payments made to Google for clicks. Instead, we work on building the websites security, speed and popularity with ratings to obtain the best positions in the organic results. The organic results can be differentiated from sponsored ads on the results page of Google because they don’t belong in a section that says “ad” or “sponsored results”. See the screen shot below to better understand the type of results that can be used by advertisers through SEO, Google Adwords (pay-per-click), Google Maps and Google Shopping.


Google is not just made of one product as you can see from the screen shot above. Each set of results in the screen shot above represent a marketing platform that requires knowledge and expertise in order to get great results. Making a campaign with the recommended settings and watching a few Youtube tutorial videos may cut it for drones, but not for digital marketing. You can easily end up spending thousands of dollars and not getting any sales if you don’t take the time to really learn the platforms. While Google makes it sound easy with their short promo videos and simplified setup options, the truth is that if you want really effective results that are scale-able, you will need a professional Google marketing expert/team on your side.

Get a Proposal For Drone Marketing Campaign Management

If you’re tired of not seeing results with your current SEO provider don’t be surprised, most companies out there don’t have what it takes. Most of our clients came to us after working with a company that could not deliver results that were promised. We take pride in being the top ranked SEO company in Miami and the owners of the company own many ecommerce retail sites that are the top ranked website in their industry. Check out the example below of a website that is only 2 years old and the charts are looking incredible!


With our 12+ years of experience with Google marketing, we can help you get exposure through the Google Maps app, Google Search and Google Adwords so that you appear on all device types when people search for your products or services both locally or nationally. We have been nominated as the best PPC Campaign during the 2014 and 2016 US search Awards and have since then achieved many other accomplishments as experts in the SEO/PPC world. The owners of the company have both been featured as webinar hosts and expert authors on trusted and well-known marketing publications like, and many others. If you’d like to get a free consultation from a Google certified marketing guru, visit our contact us page and provider you contact information. Upon submitting your contact information, you will receive a thank you message on a custom thank you page that also contains a link to our online questionnaire. Taking the time to fill out that pre-survey marketing questionnaire will allow us to have a productive conversation together regarding your marketing goals. We’ll be able to develop a marketing strategy based on your feed back generally within 24 hours.

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