Crypto Marketing Agency – 2 Under-Utilized Marketing Methods

By Jason Hawkins on April 14, 2022

In order to find the top crypto marketing agency, you need to first know what you are trying tocrypto marketing agency accomplish. There are several different sub-types of crypto marketing agencies. For instance, the following are all considered marketing in the crypto industry:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Crypto SEO
  • Crypto PPC
  • PR Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Guerilla Marketing

It is difficult to find one company that has absolutely mastered all types of marketing. Being a true master of each and every sub-type of crypto marketing is a long shot. Each firm is typically extremely competent in one or maybe two specific types of marketing. They generally offer the other types of marketing so they can be a “one-stop-shop” for convenience. However, do you want convenience or the best results a crypto marketing agency can produce?

We’re betting you want the results.

If that is you, this blog post is geared toward you. It can be used as a resource in order to find the most competent in the industry.

Crypto Marketing Agency – Top 2 Under-Utilized Marketing Methods

Crypto marketing is now becoming mainstream. Google has recently lifted some policies as it relates to allowing blockchain and crypto companies who advertise on Google Ads.

Without question, Google is the most popular website in the world. Both businesses & consumers utilize it daily to find solutions to problems. For instance, if you offer decentralized web or application hosting, there are thousands of searches each month.

With Google Ads which is also known as pay-per-click advertising – you can instantly appear on Page One of Google and start onboarding customers to your product. is considered a top crypto PPC agency because it is a Google Premier Partner. A Google Premier Partner must undergo further qualifications and it is much harder to qualify than a traditional Google Partner. To our knowledge, there are only two other Google Partners that are specifically a crypto marketing agency specializing in this space with zero other being a premier partner. also has spent well over $30 million dollars on ad-spend. The last thing you want is someone learning about your money and blowing it due to simple mistakes.

YouTube is also a product of Google and we’ve seen some successes with companies that are Google Premier Partners utilizing pre-roll ads. There are other paid search sources as well! We’re just scratching the surface on some of the most under-utilized in the industry!

Tip: Ask / Verify that the crypto marketing agency is a Google Partner. Preferably a Google Premier Partner. 

The Importance of Crypto SEO for Sustainability

Crypto SEO is what will give your project the long-term sustainability and growth that is often neglected. Usually, crypto marketing consists of influencer marketing to pump the token price. While great to grow token holder numbers this can typically cause the chart to look like a pump and dump. It is hard to sustain the short-term growth that comes with influencers.

For tokens that have utility and benefit from the consistent onboarding of new users, SEO can be one of the best investments. Especially because we’re still rather early in the crypto industry. Several projects are neglecting the crypto SEO angle so this leaves a ripe opportunity for visionaries who can look a bit into the future and see the search volume of their product or service growing.

The crypto SEO agencies that have the most success will be data-driven with case studies. Prior to engaging any crypto marketing agency, be sure to ask for SEO case studies so you can see some of the before and afters. They should also have access to Google Analytics to show you the increase of traffic as well. What good is getting an increase in rankings if there are no searches for that keyword?

It is important to note that all crypto SEO agencies are not created equal. For instance, if you Google – Miami SEO Company, you’ll see our website ranking in the #1 position. This has been the case for the last 6 years now. The proof is in the pudding. If a company is trying to sell you SEO you should first see if they rank for any difficult keywords. This will show their competence. There can only be one #1 agency in the #1 spot.

It is important to note that SEO takes time. Usually 3 months in lesser competitive crypto niches to over 1+ year for extremely competitive niches (for a keyword like nft marketplace).

Crypto SEO – 3 Red Flags to Look Out For

One red flag to look out for is long-term contracts. You should never be locked into a contract. If a crypto SEO agency is so good, they should bill month to month and be able to earn your business with results, not a contract.

Another red flag you’ll want to be privy to is knowing what sort of work will be done. Some people see SEO as a cash grab and do work to your website which can actually get it penalized. Really. Lookup Google Penguin. This was an algorithm update that penalized websites for using anchor text ratios that were unnatural or for obtaining links from spammy websites.

The final red flag to look for is to ask who will be managing your account. Do you want your account to be passed to a junior SEO associate with 2 years of experience or a veteran with 10+ years of experience and hands-on experience ranking keywords that get 30,000+ searches per month?

Wrapping it Up

As you can see there are a few things you can do to find not only a competent crypto marketing agency but one of the top ones. Finding a company that offers 12 services, it’ll be hard to imagine they are experts at all 12. You know the saying, jack of all trades, master of none.

Piecing together an amazing marketing team is like putting together a football team where each player has a unique skill-set that can take your project to new levels. Being in the industry and attending trade shows, we know all the heavy-hitters in the industry and are happy to refer you to crypto PR agencies, crypto social media agencies, and more.

Finding the right crypto marketing agency isn’t a fast process but can be done!

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