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By Michael Mora on April 20, 2016

e-mail newsletterEmail marketing is a method to increase the return on investment (ROI). This isn’t for one industry, such as animal non-profits; rather, for every business across the board that is dedicated to achieving success. “It is the process of using email to advertise and sell products and services,” according to the Cambridge Dictionary.

An important task that email marketing experts in Miami constantly focus on is building the audience list. This is a process that should be constantly utilized. There are a couple of methods that are predominately used such as using social media posts to point the audience to sign up pages. Another is to have timed pop ups, for instance, following the purchase of items that offer to provide important events like upcoming sales and product information.

When you have a customer’s email, it usually suggests an important implication: the customer already has had a relationship in the past with your business and is open to maintaining that relationship. It is important to cultivate this relationship by providing the best products to their mail box, in the most efficient method, which promises not to waste their time by sending excess emails that can come across as spam.

An effective method that the best email marketing companies use is sending email newsletters. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, newsletters are defined as “a printed document with information about the activities of a group, sent regularly to members or friends.” These newsletters, created by The Miami SEO Company specialist, juxtapose important information and vibrant placement of company colors and related photos. This method seeks to bring customers back to their company’s website and promote products that they may want to purchase.

Creating these newsletters isn’t rocket science; yet so often are these lazily done, which makes having an email marketing expert managing these communications a method that increases ROI—especially considering, it allows you to focus on other aspects of the business that you have proficiency on. For referral traffic, newsletters have been ranked as one of the top five sources. The ultimate goal is to make these email campaigns provide the right type of content the customer seeks, thereby creating a ritual habit that they will consume the newsletters.

In essence, newsletters are a proactive strategy that brings customers to the site rather than to wait for the customers to visit the site. For instance, The New York Times, a major world media outlet, within the last few years has made major strides in developing and honing their newsletters.

They have more than 30 newsletters, ranging from categories of “News, Politics & Opinion,”— where they have newsletters for “The Upshot” (an economic slant on the news) and their popular “The NYT Now Morning Briefing” (a collection of around 10 impacting and trending stories)—to “Lifestyle”—where they have newsletters such as “Real Estate” and “Well” (provides the latest on health, fitness and nutrition).

These newsletters boast an open rate of 50 percent, which is double the industry average. An advantage of having such a variety of newsletter topics is ability to divide customers in segments, providing a specific mix or focus of the news that they have a high level of interest in. From trial and error, The New York Times has learned that the most successful method is to have the newsletters written and curated by a journalist as opposed to an RSS feed.

For massive media companies like The New York Times, it can be expensive to send out these email blasts to all of the interested persons who signed up, ranging in the hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. However, for small and medium sized businesses, the email marketing experts from our company can direct you to a more cost value solution. Membership is usually between 15 to 40 dollars per month, depending upon the size of the email list messages are being sent to and the added features associated with the account.

One of the most valuable aspects that these marketing services offer is the ability to track the analytics of the email marketing campaign. The best email marketing company can discuss for hours the importance of tracking analytics. To sum up the main points, having the ability to track analytics is paramount to determining whether or not the campaign is successful, should be tweaked, or should be chalked up as a learning lesson to not have an email campaign with that focus ever again.

Keep in mind, the value of analytics builds over months of consistent usage of email campaigns. It is difficult to gauge the success of one newsletter, for instance, without having sent 20 or more similar newsletters. This is because there are certain items within the newsletter that are trackable. Most important is click-through rate—which content is most often selected and used as a bridge to the site.

Over the course of a couple of months, one can discover that placement of a social media icon on the left side followed by a short product description has a probability of 60 percent of being opened as opposed to a social media icon on the right side of the page with a similar product description. The best email marketing companies, such as The Miami SEO Company, have a wealth of experience in designing newsletters based upon analytics from a wide variety of experience that it saves you money from using a trial-and-error approach, quickly bringing your business ROI.

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