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By Sergio Aicardi on January 7, 2012


SEO Affiliate Program & More:

When you are looking for an SEO affiliate program, you will run into many different organizations offering this program. Luckily for you, you’ve happened to land on a companies webpage that is an industry leader in creating campaigns that deliver results.

If you are in the business of working with companies that need a helping hand with internet marketing, we can help in all aspects. The results we achieve for our clients are proudly displayed on our website, as well as case studies, and video testimonials.This is because before and after we generate traffic, we do not stop our work. Check out our SEO case studies page and our PPC case studies page to see recent results that we have been generating for our clients.

The Miami SEO Company studies the analytical data, monitoring conversion rates. We are strong believers in on-going A/B testing and Multi-variate testing to maximize each visitor into a profitable conversion. This is included in our SEO offerings.

We truly care about our clients and are not a churn and burn agency, we work with a limited amount of clients purposely, our expertise is put to better use dominating an entire market, not 10% of it. We’re not the cheapest, but we work hard and deliver.

SEO Affiliate Program Commissions:

Our SEO affiliate program commissions are among the highest in the business. Once your book of business exceeds approximately $5,000 in recurring payments, you will earn 10% of each payment for the length of the clients relationship with us which historically is almost never-ending (97.6% retention rate).

Recurring Monthly Services: SEO, PPC, Social Media, etc.

$1,000 – $1,995 = 7% of each payment from your referred client

$1,996 – $2,995 = 8% of each payment from your referred client

$2,996 – $4,995 = 9% of each payment from your referred client

$4,996+ = 10% of each payment from your referred client

One-Time Charges: Setup fees, Design, Development, etc.

$0 – $4,995 = 5%

$4,996+ = 10%

The Bottom Line:

You are paid a lifetime residual based on the recurring monthly services listed above, as long as the account you referred remains an active paying customer.

The good news here is that the select few clients we work with stick around, we’ve never had a client cancel, that speaks volume.

With the results we deliver, just referring 2-3 accounts can evolve into a significant revenue stream rather quickly. Best of all, this revenue stream will last due to the results we deliver. We deliver ROI and are one solid SEO agency.

Apply for our SEO Affiliate Program:

To apply for our SEO affiliate program, call us at (786) 581-8673, or contact us today. Please also download and fill out our affiliate agreement so that you can have it handy for our call.

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