Local SEO and Maps Optimization

“Getting Your Google Business Listing to Show Up on Google Maps When People Search For your Products or Services. ”

Simply adding your business to google maps doesn’t mean that it will show up when people search for your products or services. Business owners see the value in showing up in the dominant position on Google Maps and over time, the Google Maps market place has become competitive. Now business owners and advertisers need to work hard to get their Google Map listing to show up as the top result as shown in the screen shot below.


“Want your business to show up on Google Maps when people search for the services you offer?”

We’ll set up your business listing and optimize it so that it shows up in the top spots for as little as $695 per month. Sign up now while this offer still lasts!

What’s Included in Our Google Maps Marketing Service?

When you sign up with us for Google Maps SEO services, we provide you with everything that you need to make this a hands off endeavor. We’ll create your listing for you so that it has a professional look & feel by adding awesome pictures for your clients and prospects to see, create a SEO friendly description and go through every component of the maps listing to ensure it is fully optimized for the best positioning on Google. We’ll also setup Google Plus communities, optimize your Youtube channel and page, create business listings on many other well known directories and more. When you get listed on Google Maps with a well optimized map listing, you will attract several local mobile users in your proximity fast, don’t miss out and get started with us today! Below are some examples of our clients that are ranking well using Google Map listing / optimization services with us.

Local Flooring Company

“Flooring Company in Miami”

When you perform a Google search from Mobile or Desktop, you’ll find our client Don Bailey Flooring ranking in the top 3 spots.

“Miami Flooring Company”

If you start to search for other terms like “Miami Flooring Company”, you’ll find our client also ranking in the top 3 spots.

“Flooring company miami”

As you can see, this client is getting a lot of impression share from Miami residence looking for flooring companies.



Local Restaurant in Miami

Best Kabobs in Miami
When you use a mobile device or desktop computer and perform a Google Search for “Best Kabobs in Miami” you’ll find our client ranking in the top spot.

Persian Food Miami
The same type of results are shown when you search for “Persian food Miami” which allows our client to become the most well known Persian Restaurant in Miami.

Persian Restaurant Miami
We recently obtained the number one spot for their most coveted keyword term “Persian restaurant Miami” which has a significant monthly search volume.

Local Air Conditioning Repair Company

Ocoee AC Repair
One of our clients who offers A/C repair services in Ocoee and they rank for the keyword “Ocoee AC Repair” which drives a lot of inquires to their business.

Air Conditioning Repairs Ocoee
If you happen to search for air conditioning repaird in Ococee Florida, it will be hard to miss Marra Air at the top of the page.

Ocoee AC Repair Services
This client is now the most well known AC repair company in Ocoee when it comes to a Google Maps presence.


Pricing – $595.00 Per Month Top 3 Spots

Your business listing will show up for several search queries that are not related to your company name or brand but rather popular search terms that Google users type in to find your services or products. We will provide you with keywords based on our research that your competitors are showing up for and that we recommend using Google keyword research tools.

Google Maps Optimization Best Practices:

  • Website audit to ensure your website is utilizing the best practices for linking your business listing to your website.
  • Creation & optimization of Google My Business Map Listing
  • Search & remove any duplicate listings on Google Maps
  • Links pointing to the Google Maps Listing For Better Ranking Position
  • Create / Fix / Claim top 90 business directory listings (i.e. yelp, bing, yahoo).
  • Create KML, KMZ & XML sitemap
  • Add the business address to your website’s code using relevant formats for SEO.
  • Add rel=”Publisher” snippet to your website.